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Season 36

Eastern Idaho's BEST Mature Audience Dinner Theatre

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The Writer

Casey Wayne

Casey Wayne stars as American essayist, John D'Agata. His penchant for storytelling while stretching the truth has his newly assigned Harvard fact checker, Jim Fingal, more than a little unhinged. See their stubborn pursuit of truth and accuracy in a story of epically real consequences.

The Fact Checker

Nate Olaveson

Nathan Olaveson stars as Jim Fingal, a Harvard grad with something to prove. When his first fact checking assignment at a prestigious magazine turns into a battle for truth, he finds himself defending more than the credibility of the piece.

The Editor-in-Chief

Beci Beck

Rebecca Beck stars as Emily Penrose, the Editor-in-Chief of a renowned, yet failing magazine in need of its next groundbreaking story. Her new intern assigned to fact checking uncovers discrepancies that could cost her — and the company — its credibility.

June 7th - June 29th

"The Lifespan of A Fact"

Jim Fingal is a fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker for a prominent but sinking New York magazine. John D’Agata is a talented writer with a transcendent essay about the suicide of a teenage boy—an essay that could save the magazine from collapse.

When Jim is assigned to fact check D’Agata’s essay, the two come head to head in a comedic yet gripping battle over facts versus truth.

**Themes in the show include suicide, adult language, references to alcohol. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

"Genius…In The Lifespan of a Fact, D’Agata and Fingal turn everything around on us until even our most basic assumptions are left unclear…A vivid and reflective meditation on the nature of nonfiction as literary art."
― David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times

*Tickets go on sale one month prior to the opening of each performance