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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a night at The Phoenix like?

Performance tickets are open to the general public one month prior to the opening of each performance. Season ticket holders can contact our Treasurer, Melanie Seneff, to reserve seats one month and two weeks in advance of each performance.

For our current and upcoming productions, visit our 2022 - 2023 Season page to see show synopses, performance dates, and *dinner options. For any additional questions regarding the current or upcoming shows, Contact Us.

*Some dinner options may not be available until the current production

We usually perform more comedies than most other genres. When we aren't performing comedies, you'll likely see shows of suspense, horror, or sometimes modern controversies that spark conversation and thought. Visit our Current Season to see information about upcoming performances and descriptions.

Since its beginnings in 1986, The Actors' Repertory Theatre of Idaho—The Phoenix Theatre—has performed internationally renowned theatre productions seen in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and more. Dinner is served in our theatre from 6:15 - 7:30 before the start of the performance. Not all performances are subject to mature themes, some are even PG. However, many of the performances include mature themes, language, and situations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Adult language
  • Sexual references
  • Fake alcohol/drug use
  • Controversial themes
  • Fake blood
  • Suggestive body language

Please Contact Us if you have further questions about the maturity rating of our current or upcoming performance(s).

Doors during normal performing hours open at 6:15 to the general public. Our main entrance is located at 257 W Broadway St. adjacent to the Artitorium (not associated with The Actors' Repertory of Idaho).

Check-in and questions can be directed to the front of our theatre at the House Manager's Desk. The nightly House Manager will assist with check-ins, reservations, or special arrangements for the evening. One of our hosts will help seat you and help with any general concerns.

Eat, drink, and have fun! Your night at The Phoenix should be experienced with friends, family, or even by yourself to enjoy delicious food and exceptional company. Raffle prizes and season awards are offered each performance, including wine, season tickets, Phoenix shwag, performance props, and a whole lot more. Ticket and show pricing available here.

Food is available in our serving area once doors open at 6:15.

Not every performance has an intermission. When an intermission is involved, 15 minutes is allotted before performance continues. Guests and patrons are free to use the restroom at any time, step outside our Broadway entrance for a smoke break, or refresh drinks if needed.

If you're unsure whether our current or upcoming performance has an intermission, ask the House Manager or a Host for further details.

Our performances typically range between 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes depending on the performance length and intermission. Not each performance will have an intermission. For questions regarding intermission for your upcoming performance, ask one of our Hosts or House Manager.


We currently hold one mass audition for each of our four seasonal shows during two back-to-back days in the summer at the end of our season. This will be held June 12th & June 13th at 7:00 pm in The Phoenix Theatre.

Just bring yourself. No prior monologues or audition material is necessary at our mass auditions. The directors of the upcoming performances will provide audition material.

Nope, but feel free to come both nights if you'd prefer. New auditions do take precedence over those who've auditioned the previous night. We like to ensure all who audition receive equal opportunity for casting.

The Actors' Repertory Theatre of Idaho—The Phoenix Theatre—has operated as a mature audience dinner theatre since its origins in 1986. Those under the age of 18 are welcome to audition at the approval of a parent or guardian whose signature is required before auditioning.

Directors will discuss auditions usually within a weeks time. Auditions are posted to our Facebook page and on our website via our Auditions page.