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Casey Wayne—Colonel Mustard

Casey Wayne

Colonel Mustard

After only 1 day, tickets for "Clue" have become utterly ravaged! Get yours soon to see our Media & Public Relations Director, Casey Wayne, as the dense and disgruntled Colonel Mustard...

Casey's eccentric and profound arrival to ARTI came during the spring of 2016 for his first memorable performance in "You've Got Hate Mail." He's established himself as a regular attraction on and off stage in 10 additional performances, some of which include "Flemming: An American Thriller," "New Country," "The Foreigner," "Drop Dead," "The Book of Liz," "Vanya & Sonya & Masha & Spike," "Doublewide, Texas," "Ben Hur," "Wrong Window," and soon to be "Bakersfield Mist" and "Parasite Drag" this coming season! When weird is on the table, Casey won't be far behind.

For tickets, show information, or additional details of our upcoming productions, visit our FAQ page, or call Melanie Seneff at (208) 522-8450.