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Media & Public Relations Director

Casey Wayne

Casey found his way to Idaho in the summer of 2002 from Long Beach, California. His family background of actors, singers, musicians and dancers paved the way for his life-long passion for entertaining. His sister, Lihann Jones, was a successful actress and model in Los Angeles, appearing on television shows such as Married with Children, Leave it to Beaver and Small Wonder.

His own acting success began in second grade, taking the lead in school performances in Anansi the Spider and traveling road shows. After graduating in 2008 from Bonneville High School, he gained film experience in independent films such as Project XIII, Sundown at Crimson and Queen City in Buffalo, New York. He starred in the television pilot The Help Desk, which was never fully produced by major networks. Soon after, his acting in the I48 Film Festival submission, Departure, earned Best of Show and Audience Choice awards in Boise, Idaho.

In the summer of 2015, Casey returned to Idaho, re-enlisting himself at Idaho State University to earn a degree in Communication, Media & Persuasion with an emphasis in Multiplatform Journalism. In what would become his first introduction to ARTI, he met then board member, Becky Wray, during a Spanish class, inviting him to audition for the upcoming spring performance. Upon landing his first role in You’ve Got Hate Mail in 2016, he’s acted in nine other productions since, including A Skull in Connemara, Flemming: An American Thriller, New Country, Drop Dead, The Book of Liz, The Foreigner, Doublewide: Texas, Vanya and Masha and Sonia and Spike, and Ben Hur.

Now the Media & Public Relations Director for ARTI, Casey is tackling social media promotions and videography work seen on Facebook and YouTube. With the help of regular volunteers and friends, Casey utilizes his background in Photoshop and Premiere to compile promotions, advertisements, community broadcasts and commercials to launch ARTI into our modern era of digital technology. For any questions, comments or concerns relating to ARTI’s community relations, Casey is ready to help.

When Casey’s not acting, working or going to school, he’s with his girlfriend and fellow board member, Megan Gazda. When he’s not with her, he’s skiing up in the Grand Tetons with friends and chilled Peppermint Schnapps.

To see Casey’s full portfolio, visit for his complete works.